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Conference 4 Clubs

Conference 4 Clubs

The aim of this conference is primarily to engage with clubs to provide awareness of resources and support services that are available both locally and nationally.  

*Workshops will be available to help develop skills, providing up-to-date information and conversation on the following topics:
-Funding Avenues
-Effective use of Social Media
-SAMH’s Mental Health Charter
-Disability Inclusion within Clubs
Attendees will have the opportunity to attend two workshops over the course of the day.

We will also be setting up a ‘Marketplace’ and inviting various bodies to set out their stalls with the opportunity to provide mini surgeries to support a host of club matters.

The conference will also support a key theme on ‘Mental Health’ with headline presentations looking at ‘the part clubs play’ in a person’s health.  A person with a state of good health is understood to be both mentally, psychologically and physically well.  The association between a person’s body and mind are inherently connected and interact to create unique actions and or symptoms that make that person feel healthy or unhealthy (Betcher 2015).  Mental health problems, which affect as many as one in four people, are encountered when individuals doubt their abilities, stress can start to grow, and in extreme cases, a spiralling effect is experienced as doubt grows and productivity is inhibited.  (Fox et al. 2018). Sport and clubs play a huge part to develop individual ability, self-esteem.

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The purpose of ClubSport Aberdeen will not only be to provide the AAP with club input, but also to ensure that Aberdeen has safe, sustainable and supported clubs, using expertise from within the club network as well as from partners in the wider network.
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