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There are 2 levels of membership for clubs and associations which run with the calendar year and will be due for renewal on the 1st of January every year.

Level 1

This is our basic and minimum standards for membership. Clubs and Associations will need to have the following in place to complete this:

-          Evidence of National Governing Body affiliation (can be a copy of certificate or screen shot of confirmation email from NGB)

-          Copy of club constitution

-          Evidence of Club Bank Account

-          Evidence of Public Liability Insurance

-          List of all coaches, their level of qualification and if they are PVG members

-          Copy of coaching qualification for head coach or lead coach

-          Membership numbers (broken down into male/female and junior/adult)


Level 2

This is for the more advanced clubs and you will be expected to provide added information in order to gain this. You will need:

-          All the information in level 1

-          Minimum of 2 links to the club’s online presence (eg facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Website)

-          Safeguarding Policy (often called child protection policy)

-          Name and contact email of Safeguarding officer

-          Evidence of a Strategic plan (development plan or equivalent will be fine) 

-          Evidence of marketing, sponsorship or promotion of your club/association (this can be a recent flyer or poster, a copy of the sponsorship package that your club gives to potential sponsors, marketing campaign or any other form of marketing and promotion. Only one of these will be needed)

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The purpose of ClubSport Aberdeen will not only be to provide the AAP with club input, but also to ensure that Aberdeen has safe, sustainable and supported clubs, using expertise from within the club network as well as from partners in the wider network.
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