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ultimate judo

Ultimate Judo are Aberdeen's multi-award winning Judo club. Our classes teach the traditional martial art of Judo in a fun, safe and progressive manner. Judo was invented to be a form of physical, mental and moral education by Professor Jigoro Kano in 1882 and has grown in popularity becoming the second most participated sport in the world and plays an important role in Physical Education within schools in Japan, Germany and France to name a few. Through Judo we learn not only the self defence and self protection techniques, but by training in Randori (sparring) it teaches a fighting spirit of never giving up. Only by stepping out of our comfort zones , can we really develop as a person and see our inner strengths. Through Judo we make friends across the world with the common interest of Judo. Judo is more than a sport.
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The purpose of ClubSport Aberdeen will not only be to provide the AAP with club input, but also to ensure that Aberdeen has safe, sustainable and supported clubs, using expertise from within the club network as well as from partners in the wider network.
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Latest News

Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club Earns Charitable Status

After much preparation by the club’s volunteers and a significant application process, on 13 May 2020 Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club (AAAC) was added to the Scottish Charity Register as a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO).

According to Club Manager, Brian Pahlmann, the committee’s decision to change from a Community Amateur Sports Club was made to provide further protection for the club and its members by being incorporated, further tax advantages, and hopefully, more fundraising opportunities.

Commonwealth Games medallist and club president, Mark Davidson, stated “there appears to be somewhat of a trend among athletics clubs and other sports clubs becoming SCIOs.  While AAAC should not just follow the crowd, AAAC has a tradition of being progressive and a leader among athletics clubs.  There may be no current or urgent reason for AAAC to change but doing so could create opportunities for the future.  Despite being nearly 70 years old, being a SCIO might also improve the club’s sustainability.”

These advantages and opportunities may prove especially beneficial as sports clubs react and adapt to the coronavirus and the likely new normal in its wake.

Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club typically hosts training sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings at Aberdeen Sports Village for athletes aged 9 years and up.  The club also has plans to expand its training offerings into the community as well as its disability athletics programmes.

Celebrate Aberdeen Parade

Time is flying by and the Celebrate Aberdeen parade is closer than ever, don’t miss your chance to sign up! This year’s parade will take place on Saturday 29th August.

You can find out more on their website www.celebrateaberdeen.org or by searching Celebrate Aberdeen on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Marketing Tips for Clubs

Marketing Tips for Clubs 

Here are some simple, practical hints and tips that you can use, or not. The marketing and communications landscape, along with technology and consumer habits is ever changing; but some principals remain true and through my career and experience to date, I hope you will find at least some of this useful.

 If you have any further questions or anything please feel free to add me on LinkedIn or email me: sarah.mccoll@afc.co.uk


Figure out who you want to speak to and how best to reach them:

·       Businesses – LinkedIn

·       Adults – Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter

·       U18s  – Snapchat, TikTok, Tumblr, Vine, YouTube, Instagram, (Twitch, Reddit)

Have a key message and repeat it, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Use your networks, your members networks and channels, your friends, events, and spread that message. Give your members, volunteers, staff the tools and encouragement / motivation to help share your messaging. Provide the phrasing, the images, hashtags and links to use in their posts, or ask them to share your main posts. You could even have rewards and prizes for those that get the most engagements or enquiries / new members etc.

Use emotive language, personalise where you can and ensure you’ve a ‘call to action’ – be clear about what you’re saying and what you want the audience to do:

·       We have a new website = You need to check out our new website, click here to ensure you don’t miss out!

·       Tickets on sale, 01224 584373.  = Secure your family tickets now, call 01224 584373 and quote DEAL to save 5%.

Have a key message and repeat it, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Data is your friend, don’t be scared of it. GDPR has likely scared many organisations, especially those with volunteer marketers, but as long as you seek permission and store individuals data securely you need not overly worry. GDPR strengthened many of the regularions that were already in place so if you try to the best of your ability to adhere to the rules, protect individuals data and seek appropriate permissions then a good data base of contacts, who want to be contacted, is an excellent tool. And the data on engagements such as email opens, website visits etc. can help guide your marketing and communications to reaching more of the right people.

Email marketing, with a good database to communicate to this is an excellent way of ensuring your engaged audience stays up to date with your latest message and objectives.

Have a key message and repeat it, repeat, repeat, repeat!

Mobile is key – it’s the main way information is accessed so think about how things look and work on different types of mobile devise.

Video is a must: There’s been an explosion of growth in video on social media in recent years. Views of branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook between 2016 and 2017. On Twitter, a video Tweet is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a photo Tweet. : https://www.wyzowl.com/video-social-media-2019/


Time is likely an issue, so plan things wisely and find tools to help. The longer you push a message out in the lead up to an event for example, the more likely it will be seen, it will be acknowledged and it will be acted upon. Plan early to get your messages to your audiences and schedule posts in advance through tools suce as Hootsuite to help maximise your time and efforts.

Have a key message and repeat it, repeat, repeat, repeat!

PR – PR is simply sending your message to the press hoping that they’ll run it as news. To maximise the chances of your story being picked up here are some tips: 

1.       Tailor your headline / angle to the publication you want to pick it up

o   Evening Express – community and people focused, fun and family: eenews@ajl.co.uk & eesport@ajl.co.uk

o   Press and Journal – industry, business, more mature: pj.newsdesk@ajl.co.uk & pj.sport@pressandjournal.co.uk If you know the edition area of the P&J the story is relevant to – add this in the subject 

2.       Say what you want to say quickly and clearly – look at how news stories are written – take a selection of stories on BBC News for example, you can almost read only the first few sentences and you already know all the essential information about the story. Cover your essential info first and the rest of the article is simply adding depth, context and detail to it.

3.       Send a good photo with the press release.

Helpful links:





Conference 4 Clubs

The aim of this conference is primarily to engage with clubs to provide awareness of resources and support services that are available both locally and nationally.  

*Workshops will be available to help develop skills, providing up-to-date information and conversation on the following topics:
-Funding Avenues
-Effective use of Social Media
-SAMH’s Mental Health Charter
-Disability Inclusion within Clubs
Attendees will have the opportunity to attend two workshops over the course of the day.

We will also be setting up a ‘Marketplace’ and inviting various bodies to set out their stalls with the opportunity to provide mini surgeries to support a host of club matters.

The conference will also support a key theme on ‘Mental Health’ with headline presentations looking at ‘the part clubs play’ in a person’s health.  A person with a state of good health is understood to be both mentally, psychologically and physically well.  The association between a person’s body and mind are inherently connected and interact to create unique actions and or symptoms that make that person feel healthy or unhealthy (Betcher 2015).  Mental health problems, which affect as many as one in four people, are encountered when individuals doubt their abilities, stress can start to grow, and in extreme cases, a spiralling effect is experienced as doubt grows and productivity is inhibited.  (Fox et al. 2018). Sport and clubs play a huge part to develop individual ability, self-esteem.

ClubSport Event at Pittodrie

The Club event will be held at the Richard Donald Stand at Pittodrie Stadium on 24th September 6:30pm where tea, coffee and a light buffet will also be provide to all. It involves a trade show with a variety of our partners there to show how they can support your club. There will also be 2 specialist panels of experts during the evening to provide clubs with advice and guidance on:

1. Fundraising and Club Development

2. Marketing and Communication

These panel sessions will be open to questions from anyone so feel free to come prepared with questions you or your club might have.

The event is FREE for all clubs that are members of ClubSport Aberdeen but if your club is not a member there will be a charge of £5 per person on the night to be paid in cash.

We look forward to seeing you all there!

Click here to book your free place!

Fantastic Fanatics Funding Platform

Fantastic Fanatics is ClubSport Aberdeen's new partner. They are a funding platform designed to help clubs generate more income.

Whether your club is all about competitive performance, membership or in it to coach young talent and have fun, Fantastic Fanatics helps your club be the best it can be.

Their technology allows members of the club, their friends and family to choose the sports clubs they want to help, securely register their everyday debit and credit cards, spend with our retail partners, and generate commission from retailers that go straight to the club.

Clubs will need to register with Fantastic Fanatics which is made easier for ClubSport Aberdeen member clubs to do as they will not need to submit all of the required information but will just need to upload their ClubSport Aberdeen Certificate, a form of ID and their clubs bank details. This can be done on their website: www.fantasticfanatics.com

AAP Grants now open

The Active Aberdeen Partnership have opened their grants again with 3 streams of funding available. These are:
- Community Sports Grant (up to £2,500)
- Talented Athlete Grant
- Coach, Official and Volunteer Grant

The deadline for these grants will be Monday 5th August 12:00 Noon.

More information or to apply Click Here!!

We are expanding

ClubSport Aberdeen are looking for a volunteer to support the committee as a Minute Secretary. More information can be found below: 

Local Athletics Official Selected for Euro Champs, Glasgow

Aberdeenshire athletics official, Pam Auckland, has been selected for the European Indoor Athletics Championships to be held in Glasgow in March 2019.  Pam is one of about 34 Scottish Athletics officials who have been invited.  She expects to be quite busy with her role in the call room and she is excited for this opportunity where she will have extensive direct contact with the athletes.

Pam initially got involved in athletics through her children who joined and competed for Banchory Stonehaven Athletics Club as soon as they were old enough.  While she had enjoyed athletics in school and watching major events on television, she was not especially knowledgeable of the sport of athletics prior to volunteering.

Pam volunteered at league meetings for several years prior to attending her first officials training course.  She has been a qualified official since 2009, initially training in both track and field events, but through practical experience decided that she preferred the field events.  She later began volunteering for Scottish national events and then, other major events throughout Britain, including Diamond League meetings, Anniversary Games, British Championships, and the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Pam is currently a Level 4 Field Judge and officiates for jumps and throws events.  Occasionally, she will fill the role of Clerk of Course or of Technical Manager whose job it is to set up the field of play, make sure that all equipment is at the event site, and check in and examine athletes' personal implements and other equipment.  Additionally, in the past year, she has become a Level 1 Field tutor, now sharing her knowledge, experience, and enthusiasm with future field officials.

Pam continues to learn, stating “every meeting is a learning experience,” and working with other long-serving and experienced officials gives her confidence.  Through her various experiences as an athletics official, she has made friends throughout the UK and greatly enjoys meeting up with them occasionally or, in the summer, almost weekly, to work together and share ideas and opinions.  Pam especially enjoys the “buzz of competition at any level” and greatly values her opportunities to “enable athletes to take part in competitions.”

To less experienced volunteers or those thinking of volunteering, Pam says “all are welcomed and there are usually plenty of experienced people to keep them right.  It is all about team work, learning from each other and trying to ensure the best experience for the athletes.”

Anyone wishing to learn more about volunteering in athletics is invited to attend Aberdeen Amateur Athletic Club’s indoor open graded meetings this winter at Aberdeen Sports Village.  Details may be found at www.aberdeenaac.co.uk.  Or, send questions to Brian at clubmanager@aberdeenaac.co.uk or Emma at officials@aberdeenaac.co.uk.  More comprehensive information about becoming a qualified official, including courses, may be found at https://www.scottishathletics.org.uk/officials/.

Baillie Gifford Community Awards Programme

Baillie Gifford
Community Awards Programme

Following a review of their charitable giving Baillie Gifford has decided to launch a stand-alone grants programme aimed at supporting grass roots community organisations across the whole of Scotland.

The programme will consider grants of up to £2K which fit at least one of the following priorities:

-Children and families
-Physically disabled
-Grass Roots Sports

These funding streams can be found by clicking here.

Aquatics Aberdeen achieves prestigious accolade

Aquatics Aberdeen has become the first Learn to Swim framework provider in Scotland to be awarded the highest accreditation award given out by the national governing body for swimming, Scottish Swimming.

Aquatics Aberdeen, run by registered charity Sport Aberdeen, was recently awarded SwiMark Plus, a nationally recognised accreditation programme for clubs and swim schools who consistently provide the highest quality experience and encourage local participation.

SwiMark is Scottish Swimming's highest accreditation awarded and successful achievement confirms that the Aquatics Aberdeen programme is leading the way in:

  • Developing safe, effective and child friendly environments, based on good practice
  • Improving the participation experience through excellent staff training programmes
  • Encouraging and supporting lifelong participation through sustainable swimming development pathways and partnership working with the local swimming clubs
Jill Franks, Sport Aberdeen’s Director of Business Development, said:

“I am extremely proud of the whole Aquatics Aberdeen team for their hard work and dedication in providing second-to-none swimming opportunities in Aberdeen and am thrilled that we are the first leisure trust in Scotland to be awarded this top accreditation.

“Sport Aberdeen is committed to creating opportunities and inspiring more people to take part in physical activity and through these accreditations we can ensure that we are delivering the best possible coaching to people in the local community.”

Dianne Breen, Aquatics Aberdeen Manager, also commented:

“I’m thrilled that we have received this accolade which, alongside the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Provider of the Year Award 2017, recognises the excellent standards consistently delivered by our Aquatics teachers and the positive investments we have made in education programmes.”

Fiona Paterson, Participation Programme Manager at Scottish Swimming, said:

“I would like to congratulate everyone at Aquatics Aberdeen on becoming the first Leisure Trust to achieve SwiMark Plus. This highlights the quality swimming environment that Aquatics Aberdeen provide, which will lead to opportunities for lifelong participation and enjoyment of swimming to all those who take part.”